Eğitim kültür araştırma vakfı
Art develops , Art healer, Art combine

“Osmanlı Başkenti İstanbul”(İstanbul, the Ottoman Capital)/ Prof. Mustafa Cezar/2000/225 YTL+KDV

As soon as Mustafa Cezar’s work named “Osmanlı Başkenti İstanbul” was completed; the Ekav Foundation, whose main aim is to serve our society especially in education, culture and arts, was interested in the publication of the book. In his work, Cezar discusses and evaluates İstanbul’s architectural works from the Ottoman era as a historian of art. Apart from that, he also investigates the Ottoman period of this city with a long history, with a point of view of urbanism. According to the writer’s demand, the book is supported with photographs taken from the sky, that reflect the city’s condition today. Cezar’s work is like a guide for comparing the past and the present of the city. Design by Ersu Pekin, photographs by Erdal Aksoy.


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