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March 22- April 15 2006 Mahir Güven workshop students exhibition

What will most impress you about Mahir Güven’s students in this exhibition is the diversity of subjects. This exhibition, where you will find the consequences of form, color, stain and natural expression, could be visited at EKAV Art Gallery between March 22 and April 15. A book with the artists’ paintings has been prepared for this exhibition with curators Meral Gürbüz and Mahir Güven.

“With this exhibition, almost 25 years of workshop teaching is over. During that time, I had over a hundred students. The ones that participated the exhibiton were only the ones I was able to find.

I hope I will be able to rech others to join us for the student exhibitions I am planning to arrange every year. While trying to share my knowledge with my students, I also tried to assist them in a way that pointed out their personalities and skills, thus emphasizing uniqueness. This way, each of them created paintings like a signature. I guess this exhibition is an indicator about how valuable non-academic instruction is, when done correctly.

They now honor me by participating this exhibition and I feel proud to introduce my students to the world of art.”

Mahir Güven

Deserted island


You can see Mahir Güven’s and his students’ other paintings at our exhibition.


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