Eğitim kültür araştırma vakfı
Art develops , Art healer, Art combine

EKAV Culture-Education Activities

Scholarships Abroad: Since its foundation, our foundation has given scholarships to students for making master’s degree in the U.S.A. These students have finished the following schools: University of Boston, TV Master of Science in Broadcast Administration University of Los Angeles Southern California, Master of Arts Communications Management University of Rochester, Master of Business Administration University of Carnegie Mellon, Master of Finance and Industrial Management Scholarships in Turkey: Every year 10 students from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, are selected by TEV and are given scholarships by our foundation. By the end of 2005, 120 students were awarded with a graduate degree scholarship. Apart from that, equipment for education was provided to İLKSAV Science, culture and art foundation Denizli branch, for the Sakarya region that was struck by the earthquake.


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