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April 20- May 6 Proffesor Sadi Öziş Exhbition

The artist’s 80 watercolors are a document of his life as an artist that goes back to 1948 when he was a stuadent in Paris. The works, different from his sculptures, display his contribution to Turkish painting art. The exhibition also demonstrates the different periods the artist went through so far. His last paintings put forward a synthesis of elegance of nature and human that integrate with eachother. The exhibition could be visited every day except Sundays between 11.00 and 18.00. He was born in İstanbul on February 26, 1923. Graduated from İstanbul Erkek Lisesi. In 1947, finished State Academy of Fine Arts as Kenan Temizan’s student. In 1948, he passed the Europe Test and went to Paris to study Theatre Scenery and Costume Design. Until 1952, he carried out painting sudies at Academie Grande Chaumiere, Atelier de L’art Apstrait and at André L’hote workshop, studies on theatre scenery and costume design at Ecole du Louvre, Academie Julian and Paul Colin. Meanwhile, he also started works on sculpture. In 1952, he turned back to Turkey and was appointed as an academician to the State Academy of Fine Arts. In 1962, together with Erdoğan Aksel, they found the Theatre Scenery and Costume Design branch. Until his retirement in 1990, his duty as academician and head of department at Mimar Sinan University Scenery and Image Arts continued. In 1957 he set up a metal workshop with sculpture İlhan Koman and Şadi Çalık. Apart from the works of sculpture, they were presented in the magazines in Turkey and Europe, with their furniture designs. I/I Implementations of the entrance reliefs of Anıtkabir were prepared by sculptures Hadi Bara, Zühtü Müridoğlu, Şadi Çalık, İlhan Koman. On the24th anniversary of State Painting and Sculpture exhibitions in 1963 and 31st anniversary in 1970 he became the second. On the 32nd anniversary of the same exhibition, he got the first place. WORKS: His works could be seen at İzmir and İstnabul State Painting and Sculpture Museums, at various hotels and personal collections. EXHIBITIONS: 1951- Paris, Gallery Arnod, Painting exhibition 1957/58- American News Association, Maya Gallery, Ertem Gallery, Vakko Gallery, Gallery Bir, Contemporary Turkish Art Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions (Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Rome) 1966- Personal sculpture exhibitions at the galleries of German Institute of Culture 1985- Personal painting exhibition at İş Bank İstanbul Gallery 1986/88 Combined painting and sculpture exhibitions at various galleries. 1988- Bütün Zamanlar Art Gallery 1988- EDPA Art Gallery combined painting and scuplture exhibitions 1986/2006- İzmir-American-Turkish News Association personal painting exhibition 1994- New York Turkish House and Exhibition Halls of Hilton and Washington Clarion Hotels. 1996/99- Mimar Sinan University Alumni Association combined painting exhibitions 1998- Mimar Sinan University Academicians Portraits Exhibition, Osman Hamdi Hall 1999- Atatürk Portraits Exhibition (Atatürk Culture Center, Taksim) 1999 May, June- Destek Reasürans Art Gallery combined painting exhibition 2006 April- EKAV (Erol Kerim Aksoy Foundation) Art Gallery


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